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It is a problem when you want to buy a oil purification machine, that is how to choose a suitable oil purification machine?

As the oil purification machine factory, we will list some suggestions as following:

A. Users must know the importance of product quality when purchasing an oil purification machine.

B. Buy cost-effective products.

C. Different structure, the effect of purification is also different. Generally, the structure of one stage oil filter machine is relatively simple, it only has coarse filter, filtering capacity is limited and can only be used as coarse filter.

D. Double stages vacuum transformer oil filter machine has coarse filter and fine filter, the fine filter is made of glass fiber, the filtering cleanness can reach international standards.

F. Multi-stage oil purification machine has multiple sets of filter elements, layers of encryption, filtering better, generally for oil pollution serious situation.

G. Gear box oil filter machine can effectively reduce the insoluble particles, oil degradation products and water-induced oil pollution, thus extend the oil recycling, improve the life of the gear box.

H. Different factories, different oil quality, so they should use different oil filter machine. For example, cement plants has more water and impurities in oil than other factory, so it should use high-profile equipment in order to achieve better results.

Totally, user should not be too preoccupied with the initial investment and purchase a low quality oil purification machine, which will greatly enhance the cost of post-maintenance and enterprise productivity.

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